UpdateHistory - Minimal invasive treatment of calcaneal fractures

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2024-06-08Update PowerPoint Part 01
Tongue-type treatment presented as Video in Tips,Tricks, PowerPoint case SH

Depression-type case from below -  treatment presented as Video in Tips,Tricks

2024-03-10new case showing planning and surgery in detail
2023-10-02new case, easy but nice Tongue-type fracture, new headless screws
2023-09-23new case, Tongue-type, complicated with tilted medial wall
2023-08-03Einladung Fersenbeinworkshop mit Kadaver - Hands -on in Salzburg  25. November 23
2023-03-28new case, comminuted both sides and Pilon fracture right - video presentation
2023-02-19impressions of our documentation lab for the new distractor
2023-02-12update for my HP,  showing case reports again, new cases
Have fun.

2022-10.16added new reduction case in my slides part 3  - reduction from plantar with tappet
2022-06-19Changed the presentations for Powerpoints and Tips, tricks and hints - hope you can watch them faster and better
2022-04-26Project Distance Mapping
20. and 21. April 2022
in Innsbruck/Austria

2021-07-09Update of my powerpoint presentation - have fun
2021-01-10positioning of the patient - it is often in discussion so we show our way
2020-12-16Videopresentation at the 28 Symposion of the society of foot and ankle Germany, Muniche 2020
2020-11-17we peoudly present the prototype of our new extension device.
Please visit our promotion video

2020-11-16Publication in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
2020-11-12Presentation of screw placement analysis Stoyan Ivanov at Efort 2020
2020-08-13new "tips,tricks and hints" presentation about elderly patients
2020-07-30aricle german Jatros
2020-04-09added german paper to manuscripts
2020-03-26Update english manuscript minimal invasive surgery 2020. (aftertreatment, Sustentaculumscrew...)
2020-03-04Powerpoint presentation from our workshop at the University Innsbruck
2020-01-02New video on VuMedi to the topic of the Sustentaculumscrew
2019-11-02case presentation from Samuel Hammer-Nahman, DPM, San Diego, California - many thanks
2019-10-24presentation in the online video library of the Orthopaedic-Trauma Assoziation USA
2019-10-05transfixing K-Wire , tipd,tricks and hints
2019-09-26Static screws, tips and tricks
2019-09-19little udate Sustentaculumscrew
2019-08-04new category - tips,tricks and hints starting with the placement of the sustentaculum screw
2019-06-25Added my friend Dr. Peter Fröhlich from Budapest
inventor of the two-point-distractor we still use

2019-6-13Prototype of new extension device released.
If you are interested please contact me for more informations

Workshop traumacenter Linz on Friday
2019-5-14Projct Fracture analysis DISIOR added
2019-03.08added short videos
final program ASCIS congress UKH Linz

14. january 2019Save the Date for Spine and Calcaneus congress
15. january 2019
we just got the European patent for the distractor

23.december 2018Added Sijan Ivanov, trauma surgeon from Bulgaria, University of Varna add cases. Thanks
04.decmber 2018Save the date  9-19. may 2019
03.december 2018
added FB blue

03.december 2018added Dr. Ravikumar R Bhesaniya from India

29.november 2018added Ahmed Khedr from Cairo
31. october 2018
added Poster presentation from DKOU congress in Berlin

10. october 2018
added E-Poster presentation from the EFAS congress in Geneva
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